Industrial and Marine paint

Epoxy coating
You will not need in flooring tiles. Epoxy coating will solve your problem. Durable for chemical matters, mechanical impacts- epoxy coating will decorate your home comfortableness.

It is the paint which uses in truck ways.

Self leveling
It is the epoxy coating in 2-4 millimeter can be used in factories and places with mechanical equipments.

Epoxy coating with 6-9 millimeter fixed, for industrial field.

Iron construction paints
Anticorrosive paints for all kind of iron. There are a lot of assortments have with quality of anticorrosion, drying period, technology of fixing and being long-termed with its color and shining.

Heat durable paints
These paints are able to use in places where temperature is up. In places where temperature is below 400C uses zinc ethyl slicat paints. Using with selicon acrylic paints. In places where temperature is above 400-600C selicon acrylic paint fixes without zinc ethyl slicat.

Fire durable paints
Protecting iron constructions requires this kind of paints. During the fire emergency it can prolond the fire resistance time up to 2 hours for not spoiling the iron. It also uses to paint huge chemical cisterns.

The paint intended to be fixed inside the cistern depends on the peculiarity of matter in cistern.
The paint also must be various for surface of cistern.

Seashore Constructions
The main items which intensify the corrosion water, oxygen and the salt area seashore constructions. Responsible choice of paint can be protection against corrosion.

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