Decorative paint

Determination the type of the paint is one of main responsibilities when you are on the eve of repair your home. It is preferred choose paint for each apartments design, if you repair inside of your home. You will have solve before the problem if you use antibacterial water contained paints for bedroom, child’s and for kitchen, washing and half-shining paints for corridor, hot-cool durable isolation paints for sauna and balcony.

Fenomastic Primer
Contained acrylic, high fix quality used for inner side of lining.

Fenomastic Matt
Acrylic copolymer, contained water, with matt vision inner paint.

Fenomastic silk
With 07 silk shine, acrylic copolymer, water contained inner paint. Being half-shined permit easily wash spots on it. Multicolor system can be applied.

Easy painted acrylic cover. It is used in fixing little cracks on the wall too.

High quality, alkyd, without lead, lux paint. Perfect covering factor. There are matt, half matt and shining with multicolor. It is used for painting iron, concrete, frontward etc.

Alkyd contained paint. There have matt, half matt and shining sorts. For painting stick, iron, concrete and frontward, stick on frontward can be used.

Fixing cracks on the wall and special vision silk cover.

  • Demidekk Dekkbeiss
  • Demidekk Maling
  • Fenomastic 20 E
  • Fenomastic 03 E
  • Fenomastic 07 E
  • Fenomastic Gold
  • Fenomastic Matt
  • Fenomastic Primer
  • Fenomastic Silk
  • Fenotex
  • Roofguard
  • Tex Primer
  • Texo Compound
  • Weathertough 03
  • Jotun Thinner ¹ 2
  • Gardex Gloss
  • Gardex Matt
  • Gardex Semigloss
  • Jollyfix
  • Jotasealer 07
  • Jotashield
  • Jotashield Alkali Resistant Primer
  • Jotashield Penetrating Primer
  • Jotashield TC Gloss 80
  • Jotashield TC Silk 07
  • Jotashield Tex Ultra
  • Jotashield Topcoat Gloss
  • Jotashield Topcoat Matt
  • Jotashield Topcoat Silk
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