Jotun Multicolor

Jotun has ended a problem about paint with bringing multicolor system with 16 000 assortiment color. Now you can easily have decorative and industry paints in different color with multicolor system.

  • 16 000 color assortiment
  • Unfading paints
  • Fixing paint in 3 minutes

    If you are not able find out paint you need, Minolta Meter will help you. It is quite easy with Minolta Meter, to get paintsí coded formula you have seen in different place. Then Multicolor device will get that paint with helping coded formula.

    If you have problem with choosing paint assortiment then Color Advisor computer program will help you. This program will facilitate you to fix your frontward or inside of your apartment with color you wish. Thus it will keep accordance the color in your apartment. At the end you can look up codes the paints you wanted in catalogues.

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