company was founded in 1995 and since 1998 is the official exclusive distributor of Norwegian company ”Jotun”. In 1997, Azerbaijan first received Jotun , Norwegian company producing flame spray powder and paints which meet all the related world quality standards. Jotun, the leading world producer of paints, came to Azerbaijan with paints for construction works.

  • Interior renovation of houses, villas, offices, and administrative buildings
  • Painting of villa fasades
  • Treatment of facing plaster of multistoreyed buildings and isolation and painting using special paint
  • Exterior isolation for seaside houses and villas.
  • Isolation and anticorrosion treatment of sea constructions
  • Isolation of drinking water reservoirs
  • Heat and water isolation of roofs and walls
  • Implementation of hygienic epoxide paint in floor covering at plants, factories, food and pharmacy companies, carports and reservoirs (Coating, Mortar, Multilayer, Self levelling)
  • Sanding the metal constructions and fixing with special paints (anticorrosion paints)

Doing the renovation it is required to determine the type of paint. While renovating inside the house you will need to choose paint according to the purpose of the rooms. For children rooms and kitchens an antibacterial water-based, for the corridor - washable half gloss paint, for sauna and open balcony - cold and heat resistant isolative paints Dubendi presents you wide variety of Jotun paints:

  • In any part of Azerbaijan
  • Buildings of any height (including 30 storeyed ones)
  • At any conditions
  • On-the-fly basis
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