Industrial floor coatings EPO BASE

If you are the owner of warehouse, producing workshop, trade center, market, garage, parking or service center that you are definitely interested in underlined floor characteristics:
  1. Solidity against impact, pressure and abrasion.
  2. Durability.
  3. Dust- free surface.
  4. Simplicity in exploitation and cleaning.
  5. Date for start of exploitation of floor.
The base of all floor stand concrete foundation and rammed soil which arrange the final layer of concrete floor.

  • If the geological characteristic of ground permits (based on concrete) - we recommend immediate appliance armouring concrete floor no less than 5 centimeter thick without concrete preparation. It will essentially save your time and facilities.
  • If the soil feeble- first of all to make armouring concrete preparation in 10-15 centimeter, then realize final concrete floor no less than 12 centimeter thick.

    As a rule standard floor consist base (concrete buckle) and surface (material, forms surface essential used properties). The main problem all floor is durability.
    Applicable technology and comprehensive approach in facility of concrete floor allow to solve all problems and reach requested characteristics of floor on reasonable finance outlay.
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