Front heat-insulation

Which host would not want to have hot and nice home??? Solve these various problems permit systems warming front on “wet” type.

Fur for fronts

Related heat insulation, plaster system appeared in Germany in 1957 year. But their value have been estimated just in 1970 during the lack of electricity.

Plaster heat insulation system consist of two main layers: heating and protective-decorating layers. Effective outside heat insulation permits heat enduring of walls which estimates as a durability. The result – essential save of outlay for construction and maintenance of home. Lets focus that, these plaster systems are fixed not only on newly but also on existed constructions.

The walls of construction heated with EpoMur 44 S system

We make base

The critical condition of successful and durable “work” of heating plaster system is the preparation of base surface. Fronts get rid of dirt, dust, oil spots, peeling, mustiness, fungus and etc. In preventive measures socle is cultivated with antiseptic mixture. If there is any crack it definitely pined up and weak places are toughen up with ground promotion. The facility for thin-layer of fronts are carefully move out with blends for thick-layers surface. Furthermore it can be also realized in not so geometric errors.
  Heat loss of country-house in percentage
Trap for heat

The system of heating “wet” type of heat insulation, uses two type of them: mineral wool, for instance Rockwool, Paroc, Isomat and front foam plastic for instance XPS panel. Foam polystyrene costs cheaper. But foam plastic has two serious shortcomings: combustible and weak permeable. These measures must be noticed in plaster system projecting. Weakness of combustible and self-drying of foam polystyrene must be included to estimation.
  Heat loss of cottage from “a” to “b
The walls of many-storied can be heated with the help of plaster system
The walls of socols as a rule are fixed with foam polystyrene (BASF, Styrodur, Ausroterm). This heat insulation characterized with high hydrophobicity and steadiness for mechanical influence.
Before the repair of heat insulation layer it must be fixed the aluminum lath on the wall with the dowel lining washer. First line of heating are fixed on the lath. It is fixed on the wall with fastener and glue mixture. The quantity and the type of metals depend on exploitation, durability of walls, thickness of heat insulation. Fastener must be bearable for chemical influence and must be toughly grappled. Also the great attention took over the glue of heating system. If the wall toughly planed it fixes on the back of slab with thick layer. Fixing the heat insulation on the front with less fault it takes turn vertical glue contour but inside glues up with drops. Local and insignificant shames between foam polystyrene filled with special spume.

We pay attention when thick-layer system of heat insulation fixes (use only mineral wool) only with fasteners and steel netting. The holes are made on the wall with special dowels and hook. Slabs are hafted on the dowels and fixes with tough plasticine. The hook stretched with steel netting.

System reservation

The arrangement of plaster layer starts after the mount of heat insulation. For making thick-layer polymer modification glue contain fixes on the heat insulation. It keeps hard plaster layer, does not allow it to fissure. The zone of cornice is damp coursed. Contiguity of plaster system on the aperture it fixes up with ribbon and pressurize. Then the reinforced plaster covers with mineral glue.
EpoMur 44 S makes the netting be inside in arrangement of thick-layer system. Base layer covers the line once and carefully with leveling. After all the plaster keeps for a 24 hour with period wetting in each leveling layer. For having smooth surface on the plaster must be greased special filling.

Acrylic and silicon paints easily cover the final layer with arrangement of leveling. They characterized with ecological pure and does not smell awful.
Beside the paints and decorative plaster for trimming of front heated with “wet” type, also are able to be used clinker slab and ceramic ground. Imitation appears in brick and stones revetment.

The technology of arrangement of heat insulation EpoMur 44
The special glue covers on the slab with cogged palette-knife
The slab is carefully pressed on cleaned substrate.
The surface of slabs plaster is fixed.

White plaster paints with front different paints type. Depending on chemical contain of plaster base it is used mineral, silicon, silicate, acrylic paints.
Thin-layer system of front heating Thick-layer system of front heating The foam polystyrene can be cut with ordinary knife

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